1. Misery: The More You Use, the More You Have: Does catharsis really work? Or is the idea you can exhaust misery doomed to begin with?
  2. 30 Days of Maxims: Miyamoto Musashi: 30 simple maxims on living.
  3. On the Martial Artist: I asked over 20 martial artists, ranging from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, to Hollywood, and everything in between, about the martial arts. What I learned is that, some get good at martial arts, and some get good at getting good.
  4. On Exercise and Building Character: Physical exertion was and still is the first form of character building.
  5. Why I Never Quit Martial Arts: Having trained from age six, my biggest challenge was never stopping.
  6. Patterns of Behavior: The Rise of McGregor, the Fall of Aldo, and Human Nature: We aren't completely predictable machines, but we're more predictable than we think.
  7. The Pink Gi in the Room: A comprehensive long-form discussion from the perspective of women about gender diversity and equality in the microcosm of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and how that reflects on the rest of the world.
  8. Learning How to Learn: Jack of All Trades, Master of Learning: When it's time to learn a new subject, the first thing I ask myself is: "How do I want to study?
  9. On Walking the Path With Enson Inoue: A long-form, philosophical discussion about the modern need for spiritual growth, featuring Enson Inoue.
  10. Beyond Hacking: Why Trying Harder Matters: Practice, be technical in your craft and endeavors, and learn the proper tactics and strategies. Then prepare to fight like hell.