Updating Your Must Triumph RSS Feed

By Sam Yang - Get similar updates here

To my listeners,

I recently moved Must Triumph to a new podcasting host. So what does that mean? It means, just like a website, an internet company hosts the files of all my episodes. Now, none of this should matter to you. What's supposed to happen is, all the platforms you listen from should seamlessly switch over from the old host to the new host. But sometimes that doesn't happen. So to make sure your feed has been updated, I've uploaded this episode and if after a few days you see a new episode after this one, then you're good. You don't have to do anything.

But if this is the last episode you see on your feed forever, then it means something happened. Then on whatever platform you listen from, search for "must triumph" again, as it might now have a duplicate podcast channel with the updated feed. And if it doesn't, you might have to manually update it yourself.

Here is the new RSS: https://anchor.fm/s/a501b30/podcast/rss

And if updating the RSS feed sounds too complicated, no worries. Hit me up through the contact page (or through any of my social media accounts) and let me know what app you use and I'll make sure the show gets updated on that platform.

But otherwise, really thank you all for listening to the show. I'll talk to you all again within a week with a new episode.

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