Trolling Capitalism: Your Job Might Be BS


Whenever someone brags about how good they are at delegating, they probably have a bullsh*t job.

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There are those who'll always say, no matter how efficient the financial markets are, no matter how much automation there is, the outcome will always be the same: more jobs and more human prosperity for all. But if more jobs are created by greater efficiency, then what's the difference between efficient and inefficient? Because efficiency is supposed to mean fewer people for more work. 

For example, a computer that replaces everyone's job would mean greater efficiency. So we've all been sold a bill of goods, there's less real work out there but we're constantly being told "no, you're wrong, greater efficiency is creating more jobs. Don't trust your eyes!"

And though over the past century there has been a dramatic decrease in productive jobs, there has also been a proliferation of bullshit jobs. Jobs that basically do nothing of actual use. The answer to greater efficiency replacing real jobs was to create more fake jobs. Then capitalism sounds a lot like communism doesn't it?

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Things Discussed

  • Feudal-capitalism

  • Bullshit jobs

  • Corporate communism

  • Gospel of wealth & Andrew Carnegie

  • Automation & Terminator

  • Star Trek & Mad Max

  • Adam Smith

  • John Maynard Keynes

  • David Graeber

  • TED Talks culture

  • Motivational speakers & life coaches

  • Arbitrary bullshit income

  • New thought, self-help, and prosperity gospel

  • MMA & free market of sports

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