Seeing Beyond: A Parable

A short story by Sam Yang - Get similar updates here

A young martial artist sparred a student who was much more seasoned than he. They traded back and forth until the higher belt struck him down with a winning blow. The master stepped in and stopped the match. The senior student bowed to the master and to the young student before stepping off of the mats. The young martial artist asked his master, "How do I anticipate my opponent's moves?"

The master answered, "Open your eyes."

"Open my eyes to what?" he asked.

The master answered, "So you may see."

The student grew more confused, "See what?"

The master pointed his finger, "To see beyond..."

The student looked at his master's finger and lost his patience, "Beyond what?"

"Beyond my finger," the master said.

See beyond, think beyond. Beyond the immediate and into the unknown. Into the unwritten. That takes talent; that is a rare and unfair advantage indeed. Forward-seeing or short-sighted — what type of thinker will you choose to be?