The Samurai and the Master

By Sam Yang - Get similar updates here

When evening came, the tea master along with some of the other servants explored the city. As the party wandered about the city, they came upon two samurai. The tea master and his companions bowed their heads and politely stepped aside into the gutter to let the two warriors pass.

One samurai passed without incident while the second samurai remained fixed in his place. The samurai had broad shoulders, mangled hands, skin burned by the sun, and scars across his face. He was a fearsome warrior. His cold eyes stared at the tea master as if he were trying to look into his soul...

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Things Discussed

  • Mastery & process

  • Self-control & discipline

  • Humility

  • Description vs. described

  • Naming words

  • Zen, zanshin, & budo


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