What I Am Doing Right Now

(" Wander Above the Sea of Fog " | Caspar David Friedrich)

("Wander Above the Sea of Fog" | Caspar David Friedrich)

Whenever I am in the moment of doing something, I am not doing the act, but instead, I am that moment.

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It's customary to ask people: What are you doing right now? (And all of its other incantations.) It can catch you up on a person, show you their priorities, projects and what they are currently working on, and if you need their help, it can tell you how busy they are. It has become as ubiquitous as the question: What do you do? What people are doing, working on, reading, listening to, traveling to, and the ilk is the point of social media; these are our status updates. But if that's all we list, why is social media so interesting? It's the same reason reality shows are addictive, each one of us becomes a separate reality show where viewers can peer into our lives. We are the users as well as the entertainment, not only on social media, this is what's quickly becoming the norm of existence.

I was recently asked to share what I am doing right now by a well-known business and productivity blogger as a way for our readers to see our evolving to-do lists, what our priorities are, where we've traveled to, and as an emphasis on us to remain productive — that people are watching. But whatever productivity/ utilitarian part of my brain it was supposed to elicit, it only evoked the Socratic part of me. (And endless productivity can become its own self-defeating distraction.)

What should we be examining in ourselves when thinking about what we are doing now? We focus on the doing but what about the "now"? What is there beyond procedure and public reality shows? Do we do or do we inhabit? I know what you've been told and I know what you're thinking, but life isn't all about utility and achievement. Upon some self-reflection, whenever I am in the moment of doing something, I am not doing the act, but instead, I am that moment.

I Am Now

I am breath
I am sleep
I am coffee
I am morning

I am food
I am books
I am reflection
I am synthesis
I am application
I am words
I am edits
I am experience
I am knowledge

I am challenges
I am work
I am practice
I am play
I am growth

I am laughter
I am movement

I am travel
I am leisure
I am ease
I am pleasure
I am meaning
I am life
I am prayer
I am gratitude
I am marriage
I am love
I am peace
I am the human condition
I am space and time

The past no longer exists
The future exists only in imagination
I am only ever now
and I am continuing

I am worth living.

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