What an Italian Cook Taught Me about Living

What people do with food is an act that reveals how they construe the world.

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Anyone who's had a parent, or perhaps a grandparent, devoted to cooking, you know food is more than food. When made by the right person, food can become small mysteries, channeled with all the love and affection a person can muster. It absorbs all the wonderful qualities of a loving parent, grandparent, spouse, lover, or even child.

In a bite, you not only learn about the creator but also about yourself. You inherit the knowledge of your past, not just of your family, but also your culture. Of what makes you, you; that you are never alone.

This is why I read cookbooks. A good cookbook is not just a repository for recipes, in a good cookbook, food is metaphor for home. It's a conduit for the life lived by its creator, to be passed down to its recipients. However, though we can all enjoy food, it is difficult to find good writing on the preparation of food. But, one book does stand out above the rest: Marcella Hazan's Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

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