What Would Naruto or Goku Do: A Nerd Enters a Tournament


But when I'm really in dire straights, there are four magic words that bring clarity to all situations... "What would Goku do?"

By Sam Yang - Get similar updates here

I'm going to tell you a story about what went through my mind during the finals of a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament, but frankly, it's what goes through my mind during any intense situation. To boil it all down into one word, it would be "mindset."

Mindset meaning: the established set of attitudes.

The attitudes I hold are far from perfect, or even normal, but sometimes abnormal works...

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Things Discussed

  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ)

  • Competition

  • Mindset & growth mindset

  • Stoicism & negative visualization

  • Fight Club

  • Anxiety

  • Sublimation

  • Deliberate practice

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