When the Long Vigil Ends

An elegy by Sam Yang – Get similar updates here

Night has come
The stars are out


And you'll be one of them

Leaves are falling
Autumn is here

Fleeting, vapor, breath
Summer has ended
The night is cold

I'm still holding your hand
Stay with me
I'm still here,
Beside you

So hold my hand
Like when you would hold my hand,
When I was a child

Frightened or cold —
Before you were sick
When there was time

Darkness has come;
Enveloping you and me
Do I have to let go?
Are you staying for me?
I've never known not you
Is it lonely?

A piece of me
Will be lost with you;

I have questions I want to ask,
Things I want to know:
What were you like before me?
What will I be like after you?

But I can't ask you to stay
You're being called away
Your breath is fading fast
But a part of you stays with me
When the long vigil ends
As this becomes my elegy

So fly away
From all your suffering and pain
I'll be strong
And when the sun goes to bed
I know you'll be watching over me

So let go of my hand
Don't stay for me
I’ll carry on —
The wind has picked up
They're waiting

Close your eyes and you'll fly

And when the stars are out
You'll be shining

When darkness comes
When I close my eyes;

And when next autumn comes

And the leaves are rustling,
I know we'll play again
And if the rain falls,
I'll see

You there behind the clouds
In the apogee...

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