Into Zen

You had to close your eyes to yourself to see clear what was always beyond yourself.

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Life is wild. Messy. And short. You're a little lost. Aimless. Roughed up. Frightened. So you meditate — to find answers — to find peace.

When you first meditate, you may not understand it. Your original intent may be misguided. But there's something there. There's something to it.

Aha! Practice and you will find. And what you will find, you will think is the whole. You teach when you should learn. The little you know, you will believe is all there is to know. The grand delusion. There is no eureka moment.

The real work begins. No flick of the switch. Here you struggle. But against yourself. Your want for peace while holding onto desires that give you no peace. You must confront the disorganized mess that is your current mind. Wanting to learn, yet allergic to what you learn. Disconnected. Not ready for unity.

Zen is Self-control. Discipline. Mastery over the Self. You drop old schemas. And change old patterns. Automatic becomes conscious. Though you made progress, you must still practice. You are finding compassion. And compassion leads to wisdom. Practice leads to flow.

The struggle subsides. Embrace what comes. Release what goes. Accept all possibilities and potentials. Observe without judgment.

When you think of why you should meditate, you lose the purpose of meditation. Utility. Value-propositions. Judgments. Without compassion. Lacking wisdom. Then there can be no respite. No peace. You must seek again.

When you forget why you started, you are without agenda. You will find peace. When you let go, is when you gain.

All that you know is subjective. Truth is a perspective. Truth is whatever gives you comfort. You must lose yourself to find yourself. You must enter the void. No individualism. No identity. Nothing tangible. No comfort or satisfaction. Only endless transformation. No dark or light. Only enlightenment.

Clarity. The world has not changed. But you have changed. Ordinary life sparkles with new awareness. Awareness of the life that has always been. To gain perspective, you must know the void. To appreciate a dust flake, you must know Nothingness. This has always been the Way. You had to close your eyes to yourself to see clear what was always beyond yourself.

Breathe in, breathe out

Breathe in, breathe out

From the inward journey, you return to the world. Spirituality is everywhere. Unbound. Every day is practice. Solitude yields gratitude. Wisdom is meant to serve others. Not the Self. Time to share your years of practice.

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