An Ode to Drowning

(The Wrestlers | George Luks)

(The Wrestlers | George Luks)

By Sam Yang - Get similar updates here

Waves and waves crashing, helplessly I am pulled under.
And I love it.

Restless, I am drawn to its mystery.
When I don the uniform, my soul fills with courage.

I can move, I can finally move.
Guided by creativity, the deep water becomes my home.

No one can save you.
No one beyond yourself.

I am alone.
But I like myself,
I enjoy my own company.
I must.

I move my body so that I may still my mind.
It's strange to reach this state when confronted with chaos.

You must feel it first hand.
To drown is to know what it is to be alive.
I feel every inch of myself,
and every inch of myself,
There is appreciation.

When I reach my capacity,
I ask myself, "Is this it?"
There is always more.

How long have I been here?
A thousand lifetimes pass in minutes.
When being crushed and suffocated,
time slows down.

If I am made to sleep,
when I awake,
I wonder if this is reincarnation.
Is this real?
Where was I before this moment?
It's not sleeping, it's not awake.
It's a kind of death.
But I wasn't afraid.
I am energized.

I slap hands and move on to my next opponent.

Come on.
Test my will.
Try and bend my mettle.
Then let's do it again.

Take from my body.
Take from my ego.
For my character will only grow stronger.

Everyone needs moments like these,
so they may learn to meet them with a smile.