Doc Louis: The Wisdom of Punch-Out

Doc Louis and Little Mac, from the classic Nintendo game "Punch-Out!!"

Doc Louis and Little Mac, from the classic Nintendo game "Punch-Out!!"

We are all Little Macs.

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We are the context of our environment and how we grew up. And many of us grew up playing video games, and many of us still play video games. And even if you don't, the Punch-Out series is so iconic, most people are at least familiar with the game and its characters.

The game is ultimately an underdog story. Little Mac, an undersized boxing trainee, had too much doubt and too little self-belief. But through the support of Doc Louis, Little Mac was able to overcome himself and fight his way to the top. Video games rarely give you a mentor, but that's what this game gave a lot of kids. A grizzled old mentor. You wanted to beat the game not only for yourself but also for good old Doc. And for many latchkey kids, characters like Doc Louis were the only mentors they had…

*Special thanks to Alex Fernandez from the Too Legit Sports podcast for lending his voice.

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