I started Must Triumph on February 8, 2015. I began it from a pull-out bed at City of Hope Cancer Hospital. It was almost a year that I lived and wrote out of that hospital room before my mom passed. In six years, I lost my sister, my father, my dog, my mother, and my father-in-law. Before I wrote a single article, this was the first thing I wrote:

Dedicated to those we have lost, those who are sick, and to those who give care.

Some fans find my topics random, perhaps unrelated to their demographic. If you've ever wondered who I am writing for, or who my intended audience was — it is to those who have suffered loss, those who are sick, and to their caregivers. That will always be the true intent of this project. But I am grateful to find my writings about the deeper meanings of life resonating with so many others out there.

I hope knowing the origins of this project makes this place more purposeful to you. I wrote it for others like me. And if I were somehow able to talk to the me from the past, these are the things I would wish to tell him — to prepare him for everything that was coming, and to soothe him when they came.